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UOB United SGD Fund CL S SGD (Dis)

The investment focus of the Fund is to invest substantially all its assets in money market and short term interest bearing debt instruments and bank deposits with the objective of achieving a yield enhancement over Singapore dollar deposits.
Fund Information
  • Asset Class:Fixed Income
  • Sector:Short-Duration
  • Geography:Global
  • Benchmark index:Data Not Available
  • Launch Date:11 Mar 2019
  • Launch Price:1
  • Fund Currency:SGD
  • Fund Source: CASH,SRS-IA
  • CPF Risk Classification:
  • Price Made Known On:T+2
  • Price Type:Net Asset Value
  • Dealing Cut Off Time:3:00PM Spore Time
Minimum Investment AmountSGD 1000--SGD 1000
Minimum Subsequent InvestmentSGD 500--SGD 500
Minimum Redemption Amount ($)/units500 Unit(s)--500 Unit(s)
Relevant Charges
POEMS Sales Charge0%--0%
Internal Switch-in Charge/Min Switch-in Charge0.00 % / $ 0.00--0.00 % / $ 0.00
External Switch-in ChargeNA--NA
Redemption/Realisation ChargeNA--NA
Annual Management Fee0.63%--0.63%
Annual Trustee Fee--
Expense Ratio0.63%--0.63%
Fund Manager Sales ChargeNA--NA
Admin FeeNA--NA
Period Performance (%) Volatility (%) Ratio
1 Year -2.02 1.17 -1.73
2 Years NA NA NA
3 Years NA NA NA
5 Years NA NA NA
10 Years NA NA NA

The performance figures are calculated using NAV to NAV prices (before sales charge, if any) and does not take into account dividends, if any.

Morningstar Ratings
3 Years
5 Years
10 Years


PeriodPerformance (%)Volatility (%)Return/Volatility Ratio
1 Day00.11550.00
1 Week-0.10310inf
1 Month-0.2060.2612-0.79
3 Months-0.41110.4879-0.84
6 Months-1.22320.7947-1.54
1 Year-2.02221.1712-1.73
2 Yearsnan
3 Yearsnan
5 Yearsnan
10 Yearsnan


PeriodPerformance (%)Volatility (%)Return/Volatility Ratio
1 Year-2.02221.1712-1.73
2 YearsNA-1NA
3 YearsNA-1NA
5 YearsNA-1NA
10 YearsNA-1NA

The performance figures are calculated using NAV to NAV prices (before sales charge, if any) and does not take into account dividends, if any.

Dividend Information

Dividends shall be credited to your account about 10 working days from the 'Payment Date' seen below.

Ex Date Payment Date Dividend Payout per unit
1 Sep 202113 Sep 20210.002225530
2 Aug 202113 Aug 20210.002430000
1 Jul 202113 Jul 20210.002432500
1 Jun 202111 Jun 20210.002437500
3 May 202114 May 20210.002437500
1 Apr 202114 Apr 20210.002452500
1 Mar 202111 Mar 20210.002455000
1 Feb 202111 Feb 20210.002460000
4 Jan 202114 Jan 20210.002873240
1 Dec 202011 Dec 20200.002876160
2 Nov 202012 Nov 20200.002881990
1 Oct 202013 Oct 20200.002884910
1 Sep 202011 Sep 20200.002887830
3 Aug 202014 Aug 20200.002881990
1 Jul 202014 Jul 20200.002879070
1 Jun 202011 Jun 20200.002870320
4 May 202015 May 20200.002849900
1 Apr 202014 Apr 20200.002844070
2 Mar 202012 Mar 20200.002896580
3 Feb 202013 Feb 20200.002890740
2 Jan 202014 Jan 20200.002890740
2 Dec 201912 Dec 20190.002976000
1 Nov 201913 Nov 20190.002976000
1 Oct 201911 Oct 20190.003132160
2 Sep 201912 Sep 20190.003141660
1 Aug 201915 Aug 20190.003141660
1 Jul 201911 Jul 20190.003163830
3 Jun 2019-0.003154330
2 May 2019-0.003154330
1 Apr 2019-0.003173330

Fund Name:UOB United SGD Fund CL S SGD (Dis)

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UOB Asset Management Ltd

UOB Asset Management Ltd

  • Address80 Raffles Place
  •  3rd Storey UOB Plaza 2
  •  Singapore 048624
  • Tel:6222 2228
  • Fax:6532 3868

About Fund Manager

The Managers are UOB Asset Management Ltd ("UOBAM").
UOBAM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of United Overseas Bank Limited ("UOB"). Established in 1986, UOBAM has been managing collective investment schemes and discretionary funds in Singapore for over 30 years. UOBAM is licensed and regulated by the Authority. UOBAM has an extensive presence in Asia with regional business and investment offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Taiwan and Japan. UOBAM has two joint ventures: Ping An Fund Management Company Limited and UOB-SM Asset Management Pte. Ltd. In addition, it also has a strategic alliance with UTI International (Singapore) Private Limited.

Through its network of offices, UOBAM offers global investment management expertise to institutions, corporations and individuals, through customised portfolio management services and unit trusts. As at 31 August 2019, UOBAM manages 56 unit trusts in Singapore. UOBAM is one of the largest unit trust managers in Singapore in terms of assets under management.

UOBAM's investments team conducts independent and rigorous fundamental research within a proven investment process and framework. In equities, UOBAM's team has acquired specialist skills in investment in global markets and major global sectors. It combines a disciplined research effort that aims to identify and invest in high performing businesses at the right price, with a systematic model portfolio construction process, to diversify sources of alpha to achieve more consistent performance over time. In fixed income, UOBAM's coverage spans a wide spectrum comprising G10 government bonds, developed market corporate bonds, Asia sovereigns and corporates, emerging market bonds and Singapore fixed income. In addition to independent research to uncover relative value opportunities, UOBAM adopts diversified investment strategies combined with active risk management to generate sustainable total return for its portfolios.

Since 1996, UOBAM has won a total of 186 awards in Singapore. These awards recognise UOBAM's investment performance across different markets and sectors.

As at 31 August 2019, UOBAM and its subsidiaries in the region have a staff strength of over 400 including about 42 investment professionals in Singapore.

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UOB United SGD Fund CL S SGD (Dis)









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