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First Sentier Global Property Securities Fd A (Dist)

The investment objective of the First Sentier Global Property Securities Fund is to maximise the total return to investors. The investment policy of the Sub-Fund is to invest all or substantially all of its assets in the First Sentier Global Property Securities Fund, a sub-fund of the Dublin registered umbrella fund known as First Sentier Investors Global Umbrella Fund plc.
Fund Information
  • Asset Class:Equities
  • Sector:Real Estate
  • Geography:Global
  • Benchmark index:UBS Global Real Estate Investors Index
  • Launch Date:21 Feb 2005
  • Launch Price:1.00
  • Fund Currency:SGD
  • Fund Source: CASH,SRS-IA
  • CPF Risk Classification:
  • Price Made Known On:T+2
  • Price Type:Net Asset Value
  • Dealing Cut Off Time:3:00PM Spore Time
Minimum Investment AmountSGD 1000--SGD 1000
Minimum Subsequent InvestmentSGD 100--SGD 100
Minimum Redemption Amount ($)/units1000 Unit(s)--1000 Unit(s)
Relevant Charges
POEMS Sales Charge0%--0%
Internal Switch-in Charge/Min Switch-in Charge0.00 % / $ 0.00--0.00 % / $ 0.00
External Switch-in ChargeNA--NA
Redemption/Realisation ChargeNA--NA
Annual Management Fee1.5%--1.5%
Annual Trustee Fee0.25%--0.25%
Expense Ratio2.07%--2.07%
Fund Manager Sales ChargeNA--NA
Admin FeeNA--NA
Period Performance (%) Volatility (%) Ratio
1 Year NA 22.01 NA
2 Years NA 25.79 NA
3 Years NA 32.63 NA
5 Years NA 40.70 NA
10 Years NA 49.73 NA

The performance figures are calculated using NAV to NAV prices (before sales charge, if any) and does not take into account dividends, if any.

Morningstar Ratings
3 Years
5 Years
10 Years


PeriodPerformance (%)Volatility (%)Return/Volatility Ratio
1 Day1.8065.88870.31
1 Week-1.8154.8613-0.37
1 Month-9.01947.1622-1.26
3 Months11.05080.00
6 Months-11.199415.9549-0.70
1 Year-31.794622.0065-1.44
2 Years-25.631925.7858-0.99
3 Years-9.191832.6305-0.28
5 Years-15.98240.6988-0.39
10 Years-16.691549.7257-0.34


PeriodPerformance (%)Volatility (%)Return/Volatility Ratio
1 YearNA22.0065NA
2 YearsNA18.2333NA
3 Years-3.162918.8392-0.17
5 Years-3.422818.2011-0.19
10 Years-1.809615.7247-0.12

The performance figures are calculated using NAV to NAV prices (before sales charge, if any) and does not take into account dividends, if any.

Dividend Information

Dividends shall be credited to your account about 10 working days from the 'Payment Date' seen below.

Ex Date Payment Date Dividend Payout per unit
1 Dec 202215 Dec 20220.022800000
1 Dec 202115 Dec 20210.031100000
1 Dec 202014 Dec 20200.025900000
2 Dec 201916 Dec 20190.028700000
3 Dec 201817 Dec 20180.024800000
1 Dec 201715 Dec 20170.035100000
1 Dec 201615 Dec 20160.035500000
1 Dec 201516 Dec 20150.038000000
1 Dec 201416 Dec 20140.036200000
2 Dec 201312 Dec 20130.031100000
3 Dec 201217 Dec 20120.031300000
1 Dec 201115 Dec 20110.028700000
1 Dec 201016 Dec 20100.029500000
1 Dec 200914 Dec 20090.027100000
29 Nov 200818 Dec 20080.021700000
1 Dec 200713 Dec 20070.048000000
1 Dec 2006-0.085600000

Fund Name:First Sentier Global Property Securities Fd A (Dist)

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First Sentier Investors (Singapore)

First Sentier Investors (Singapore)

About Fund Manager

First Sentier Investors (formerly First State Investments) is a global asset management group focused on providing high quality, long-term investment capabilities to clients. We bring together independent teams of active, specialist investors who share a common commitment to responsible investment principles. We are a stand-alone asset management business and the home of investment teams, FSSA Investment Managers, Stewart Investors and Realindex. All our investment teams – whether in-house or individually branded – operate with discrete investment autonomy, according to their investment philosophies. Together, we offer a comprehensive suite of active investment capabilities across global and regional equities, cash and fixed income, infrastructure and multi-asset solutions, all with a shared purpose to deliver sustainable investment success. We have been managing money with this long-term outlook for more than 30 years. Today, across the First Sentier Investors group, we manage assets on behalf of institutional investors, pension funds, wholesale distributors and platforms, financial advisers and their clients.

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First Sentier Global Property Securities Fd A (Dist)