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BlackRock Asian High Yield Bond Fd A8 AUD H (LU1564328737)

The Asian High Yield Bond Fund seeks to maximise total return. The Fund invests at least 70% of its total assets in high yield fixed income transferable securities, denominated in various currencies, issued by governments and agencies of, and companies domiciled in, or exercising the predominant part of their economic activity in the Asia Pacific region. The Fund may invest in the full spectrum of permitted fixed income transferable securities and fixed income related securities, including non-investment grade. Currency exposure is flexibly managed.
Fund Information
  • Asset Class:Fixed Income
  • Sector:High Yield
  • Geography:Asia Pacific
  • Benchmark index:
  • Launch Date:04 Dec 2017
  • Launch Price:
  • Fund Currency:AUD
  • Fund Source: CASH,SRS-IA
  • CPF Risk Classification:
  • Price Made Known On:Data Not Available
  • Price Type:Net Asset Value
  • Dealing Cut Off Time:3:00PM Spore Time
Minimum Investment AmountAUD 1000--AUD 1000
Minimum Subsequent InvestmentAUD 100--AUD 100
Minimum Redemption Amount ($)/unitsAUD 100--AUD 100
Relevant Charges
POEMS Sales Charge0%--0%
Internal Switch-in Charge/Min Switch-in Charge0.00 % / $ 0.00--0.00 % / $ 0.00
External Switch-in ChargeNA--NA
Redemption/Realisation ChargeNA--NA
Annual Management Fee1%--1%
Annual Trustee Fee--
Expense Ratio1.213%--1.213%
Fund Manager Sales ChargeNA--NA
Admin FeeNA--NA
Period Performance (%) Volatility (%) Ratio
1 Year NA 12.00 NA
2 Years NA 16.03 NA
3 Years NA NA NA
5 Years NA NA NA
10 Years NA NA NA

The performance figures are calculated using NAV to NAV prices (before sales charge, if any) and does not take into account dividends, if any.

Morningstar Ratings
3 Years
5 Years
10 Years


PeriodPerformance (%)Volatility (%)Return/Volatility Ratio
1 Day0.7032.0860.34
1 Week-0.34781.5083-0.23
1 Month-3.04572.2798-1.34
3 Months-0.34784.7739-0.07
6 Months6.703910.11290.66
1 Year-16.593911.9993-1.38
2 Years-44.691116.0281-2.79
3 Yearsnan
5 Yearsnan
10 Yearsnan


PeriodPerformance (%)Volatility (%)Return/Volatility Ratio
1 YearNA11.9993NA
2 YearsNA11.3336NA
3 YearsNA-1NA
5 YearsNA-1NA
10 YearsNA-1NA

The performance figures are calculated using NAV to NAV prices (before sales charge, if any) and does not take into account dividends, if any.

Dividend Information

Dividends shall be credited to your account about 10 working days from the 'Payment Date' seen below.

Ex Date Payment Date Dividend Payout per unit
28 Feb 20237 Mar 20230.037000000
31 Jan 20237 Feb 20230.037000000
30 Dec 20226 Jan 20230.039500000
30 Nov 20227 Dec 20220.039500000
31 Oct 20228 Nov 20220.039500000
30 Sep 20227 Oct 20220.043000000
31 Aug 20227 Sep 20220.043000000
29 Jul 20225 Aug 20220.047500000
30 Jun 20227 Jul 20220.047500000
31 May 20228 Jun 20220.055500000
29 Apr 20226 May 20220.059500000
31 Mar 20227 Apr 20220.059500000
28 Feb 20227 Mar 20220.059500000
31 Jan 20227 Feb 20220.062500000
31 Dec 20217 Jan 20220.062500000
30 Nov 20217 Dec 20210.062500000
29 Oct 20218 Nov 20210.066000000
30 Sep 20217 Oct 20210.066000000
31 Aug 20217 Sep 20210.066000000
30 Jul 20216 Aug 20210.066000000
30 Jun 20217 Jul 20210.066000000
31 May 20217 Jun 20210.066000000
30 Apr 20217 May 20210.063500000
31 Mar 20219 Apr 20210.063500000
26 Feb 20215 Mar 20210.063500000
29 Jan 20215 Feb 20210.064500000
31 Dec 20208 Jan 20210.064500000
30 Nov 20207 Dec 20200.064500000
30 Oct 20206 Nov 20200.061000000
30 Sep 20207 Oct 20200.061000000
31 Aug 20207 Sep 20200.061000000
31 Jul 20207 Aug 20200.057000000
30 Jun 20207 Jul 20200.057000000
29 May 20208 Jun 20200.057000000
30 Apr 20208 May 20200.057000000
31 Mar 20207 Apr 20200.057000000

Fund Name:BlackRock Asian High Yield Bond Fd A8 AUD H (LU1564328737)

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BlackRock (Singapore) Limited

BlackRock (Singapore) Limited

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BlackRock is one of the world's leading asset management firms and a premier provider of investment management, risk management and advisory services to institutional, intermediary and retail clients worldwide. BlackRock's investment approach is based on our conviction that we can combine our market insights, proprietary technology, culture of teamwork and information sharing, analytical rigour and focus on risk management into an ability to deliver performance in all market environments. Our reach is broad, but our purpose is focused - to consistently add value for our clients within a risk-controlled process. Our clients look to BlackRock to provide quality investment solutions that cover the majority of investable markets across a variety of investment styles and targeting a range of performance objectives. BlackRock offers a wide variety of creative solutions and product structures to meet the needs of our clients, including institutional and individual separate accounts, mutual funds, the industry-leading iShares® (exchange-traded funds) and other pooled investment vehicles.

BlackRock is a truly global firm that combines the benefits of worldwide reach with local service and relationships. We have a major presence in key global markets, which gives us greater insight into increasingly interconnected financial markets. Headquartered in New York City, the firm employs more than 14,900 talented professionals and maintains a major presence in key global markets with offices in 30 locations around the world.

As at June 30, 2019, BlackRock’s assets under management totalled US$6.84 trillion. BlackRock offers products that span the risk spectrum to meet clients’ needs, including active, enhanced and index strategies across markets and asset classes. Through BlackRock Solutions® – the natural evolution of our long-standing investment in developing sophisticated and highly integrated systems – we offer risk management, strategic advisory and enterprise investment system services to a broad base of institutional investors.
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