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Widest variety of funds

With so many funds available, some may feel that there are too many choices and decisions to make. Thus, we have prepared some selections for your consideration.

Our Selections and Promotions

Our Phillip Suite of Funds

Our Phillip Suite of Funds is managed with an investment philosophy of growing your money by: Preserving Capital, Diversifying Risks, Achieving Consistent Returns. The funds are managed by Phillip Capital Management, who also manages the largest authorized Singapore dollar Money Market Fund sold in Singapore.

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Transfer In Promotion

Do you have Unit Trust holdings with other distributors? Transfer In your holdings and receive up to $1,000!*

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Model Portfolio

Our research team has prepared 3 types of model portfolios for the Conservative, Balanced, and Aggressive investor risk appetites. Take a look at our model portfolios to help you get started.

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Zero Fees

Did you know that you can invest with ZERO fees? With POEMS, you can enjoy 0% Platform Fees, 0% Sales Charge, 0% Switching Fees for your Unit Trust investments.

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