Our Phillip Suite of Funds

Our Phillip Suite of Funds

Phillip Global Opportunities Fd SGD

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Phillip Money Market Fund

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Phillip Money Market Fund Cl I SGD

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Phillip Singapore Real Estate Income Fd A SGD

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Phillip Singapore Real Estate Income Fd A USD

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Phillip US Dollar Money Market Fund A

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The funds are managed by Phillip Capital Management.

About Phillip Capital Management

Phillip Capital Management is a fund management company spread across a few cities: Singapore, KL, Bangkok, Jakarta, Hong Kong, and London. Our main centre is in Singapore. We are made up of people who enjoy the challenge of finding growth companies to invest in and have been doing so since 1995. We manage money for both individual investors as well as institutions.

What we believe

Investment is a balancing act between risk and prospective reward. Sometimes it’s time to ride the wave of optimism and sometimes it pays to be a bit cautious. Often good companies have simply too much money chasing them beyond what we consider a reasonable price. We like it when there’s temporal bad news as that gives us a chance to invest into quality companies at a “sale” price.

How we invest

Being located in Asia at the centre of the major growth regions of the world gives us a unique angle for both the opportunities and the problems facing companies in each market.

Our investment teams are local on the ground participants in the capital markets; this advantage gives us insight into hyper-local investment situations. At the same time, we also compare notes across the region to share ideas and learn from each other. We meet most of the companies we invest in face-to-face as that gives us a better picture of how they see trends in their sectors.

Weekly meetings are conducted to discuss investment proposals where internal debates and discussions occur.

20 years is just the beginning

Our founder Jeffrey Lee started the business in 1995 and remains at the helm ensuring continuity and stability in unpredictable times.

We believe Asia has remarkable and unique growth opportunities that benefit from local knowledge and we have been fortunate that Asia continues to be a market that rewards the prudent investor.

We look forward to bringing the tremendous potential of companies in Asia to our investors all around the world.

For more information about Phillip Capital Management, visit http://www.phillipfunds.com/