• Phillip Securities Pte Ltd (PSPL) reserves the right to force-sell any purchases made by you if payment is not received and an administration fee of S$100 will be charged. You will be liable for all charges and market losses (if any).
  • Number of units would only be determined after the price (NAV) is announced by the und managers.
  • For certain non-local currency based funds, the Latest Bid/NAV SGD values displayed are for reference purposes only and may not represent the actual NAV applied to any particular transaction.
  • Any distributed dividends will be automatically reinvested, unless otherwise stated by the Fund.
  • Your right to cancel a subscription (“Buy”) must be exercised within seven (7) calendar days from the transacted date and will only be applicable for your first unit trust purchase made through PSPL. For successful cancellation, you will only be liable for market losses (if any).
  • In the event of CPF/SRS rejection due to incomplete/inaccurate client information that result in trade rejection, you will be liable for all charges and market losses (if any).


Payments for your investments can be made in the following ways:

  • Through your bank’s ATMs/internet banking facility via Electronic Payment for Shares (EPS) – “Lump Sum Payment” (applicable for Cash Management Accounts) or GIRO if you have applied for it.
  • Send us a cheque or make payment by Cash (Nets and credit card payments are not accepted) only our main office‘s cashier (payments at other branches are NOT allowed). You may enclose it in our business reply envelope.
  • Through your banks’ Online Bill Payment service, the consumer/bill reference code required for Bill Payment through the various participating banks are as follows:
    DBS/POSB/OCBC/UOB/Maybank/Standard Chartered: <Full 7 digits of your Trading Account No.>
    E.g. If trading account number is “123456”, please enter as “0123456”.



  • EPS – Lump Sum Payment should be done by 9pm on T (Transaction) day. All Margin/Custodian/Cash Management Account holders should ensure that there are sufficient funds in the account for automatic deduction. For existing DBS/POSB GIRO applicants with Phillip Securities Pte Ltd, deduction will be carried out on T+1 day after 3.00 pm.
  • Online Bill Payment via internet banking should be performed on T day.
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