Have an Auspicious Chinese New Year!

Receive up to 3 Cans of New Moon® Brand Abalone* for your investment!

Invest in any of the promotion funds to qualify for the various tiers and respective rewards

Investment Amount Rewards*
Tier 1 S$8,888 to < S$18,888 1 Can New Moon® Abalone
Tier 2 S$18,888 to < S$26,888 2 Cans New Moon® Abalone
Tier 3 ≥ S$26,888 3 Cans New Moon® Abalone

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Terms & Conditions:

  1. This promotion is valid from 25th January 2021 to 26th February 2021 (both dates inclusive). To be eligible for this promotion, orders must be placed before 3:00PM on 26th February 2021 (Friday).
  2. Investments must be made into Phillip Singapore Real Estate Income Fund and/or Phillip Global Opportunities Fund and/or Phillip Global Rising Yield Innovators Fund and/or Phillip Global Quality Fund to be eligible for the promotion. “Investment Amount” is based on new cash purchases, and/or cash switch-in from non-Phillip Capital Management funds.
  3. Switching from other Phillip Capital Management funds and transfer-in of unit trust funds will not be eligible.
  4. Orders must be completed by 3:00pm on 2 March 2021.
  5.  Cheque clearance by respective banks must be completed by 3.00PM on 2 March 2021.
  6. Multiple Investment Amount in a Single Account are allowed to qualify for a higher tier.
  7. Reward will be given according to the tiers as stated in the table:
    Investment Amount Reward*
    Tier 1 S$8,888 to < S$18,888 1 Can New Moon® Abalone
    Tier 2 S$18,888 to < S$26,888 2 Cans New Moon® Abalone
    Tier 3 ≥ S$26,888 3 Cans New Moon® Abalone
  1. Clients will be rewarded with the respective reward, after having successfully inject the promotion funds and keep the security holdings equivalent of the promotion fund(s) till 1 May 2021.
  2. Each account holder is eligible for one reward only. If a customer has more than one Qualifying Single Account, the Qualifying Single Account with the highest Investment Amount will be considered for the promotion. Multiple accounts cannot be combined to be eligible for this promotion.
  3. Eligible clients will receive the email for collection by 1 June 2021. All rewards are to be self-collected at Mojito Redemption Centre (Plaza Singapura Extension, 68 Orchard Road #04-60/61 S238839) with the collection email.
  4. Existing Phillip Capital Management Unit Trust holdings and Unit Trust holdings in Regular Savings Plans maintained with PSPL will not be considered eligible for the promotion.
  5. Prevailing sales charges apply, if applicable.
  6. Only investments via PSPL’s Financial Adviser Representatives or trades done online through POEMS are eligible for this promotion.
  7. In the event of a dispute over the customer’s eligibility to participate in this promotion, PSPL’s decision will be final.
  8. The following customers are NOT eligible for this promotion unless approved by the management of PSPL:
    a. PSPL Institutional and Corporate Customers.
    b. All employees of PSPL / Phillip Futures Pte Ltd (“PFPL”) and its associated entities (e.g. Trading Representatives, Financial Adviser Representatives); PSPL and all its subsidiaries (direct or indirect); and their immediate families (e.g. spouse and children).
  9. Notwithstanding anything herein contained, PSPL reserves the right at any time in its absolute discretion to (i) amend, add and / or delete these Terms and Conditions without prior notification (including eligibility; replacement of the prize; promotional mechanics, promotion duration without prior notification, qualifying terms and criteria), and all participants shall be bound by such amendments, additions and / or deletions when effected, or (ii) vary, withdraw, or cancel any items or the promotion without having to disclose a reason thereof and without any compensation or payment whatsoever. PSPL’s decision on all matters relating to the promotion shall be final and binding on all participants.
  10. By taking part in this promotion, the participant acknowledges that he / she has read and consented to these Terms & Conditions.

This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore